Safe-Ident Sort

Detecting and discarding impurities

Our sorting machine Safe-Ident Sort distinguishes individual spectra of IO and NIO components using a hyperspectral camera and indirect homogeneous illumination.

A conveyor belt feeds the unsorted bulk material past the hyperspectral camera, which continuously generates images and passes them on to the in-house developed image processing software. After the software has analyzed and evaluated the image data, 32 ejection nozzles are activated at the right moment via a high-speed control system to remove NIO portions of the product with a burst of compressed air. In order to guarantee the purity of the end product, the sorting system only recognizes faultless parts as IO and rejects all parts that do not match.

The system can be quickly and easily adjusted to different products. No conversion or exchange of components is necessary, only a parameter change in the software programming.

The clear and user-friendly interface makes the software very easy to use.

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