Safe-Ident Cell

Automatic Analysis of Pores and Particles

Strelen Control Systems GmbH has developed a software analyzing the material structure of objects. Safe-Ident Cell determines the number of pores, particles or float in a material, as well as their respective size, distribution of size, and roundness in an offline process.

Measurement Results – Quick and Clear

Measured values and data are determined quickly and easily with Safe-Ident Cell. Initially, exposure time and threshold are set individually, the ROI to be analyzed (image area) can be defined manually, if necessary. After capturing the image, the program creates a multi-page PDF report including all the parameters detected along with several shots and graphic depictions of the size classes. This report can be viewed directly in the system and can be saved in German or English. All shots can also be saved as individual image files, either as raw images, binary images or diagrams.

Additionally, all data relating to each individual measured pore is automatically recorded in a table. With our “data logging” the results of several analyses are furthermore saved in a separate file. This makes later comparisons over time possible.

Features of Safe-Ident Cell in a Nutshell:

  • • Counting pores and particles
  • • Sorting into previously defined size classes
  • • Defining criteria for good-or-bad-testing
  • • Detecting parameters:

average size and standard deviation
maximum size
relation of pores/particles to total surface area
total number of detected particles
measure of roundness

  • Creating a PDF report
  • Data logging to a separate excel file

A Multitude of Uses in a Variety of Industries

Our analysis of pores and particles is already successfully in use in the analysis of baked goods in the food industries, or in examining plastic sleeves for makeup utensils in the cosmetic industries and it currently has a strong appeal for the chemical industries. Further possible areas of application include packaging materials in the logistics branch, building materials, and polyurethane foam as well as all kinds of other foamed materials.

Our compact measuring station can be configured to varying object sizes and work distances by using different optics. It can be run both offline (using images saved on hard disc) and with automatic image capturing using GenICam.

Aufnahme der Probe mit Mikroskopoptik
Image of the probe captured with microscope optics, ROI is marked in green.
Gefundene Poren bei der Porenanalyse
The pores that were found are marked in the original image.

A look at the user interface:

Picture Credits: © Strelen